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Author – antiques collector Dan Croke

Find out more about the genealogy of Dan Croke on Lacartes.com

The Legends and Myths of the Land of the Southern Cross

About The Author

Dan Croke

Dan Croke was a disadvantaged young man living in relative poverty in his formative years. Dan Croke then became a giver to others, not a taker. In this interview Dan Croke explains how coming from a childhood of “living from hand to mouth” led to a lifetime of him trying to create sustainable wealth for his family and also to give back to people he felt had been left behind.

Dan Croke is now a successful property investor, helping others to achieve financial freedom through investing. This Brisbane man, Dan Croke, who grew up in Warwick, Qld, moved to Brisbane and went on to become a wealthy property investor, having so far acquired almost 200 properties, some of which are individually worth as much as $5M and $10M. He has silently and anonymously helped scores of people over the years

You can find more at the Dan Croke website or by watching “A Current Affair” on Channel 9 from the 28th January 2021 about  the secret philanthropist: Dan Croke.

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