About Us

Southern Cross Connect is a totally Australian owned ISP. It is a privately owned company incorporated in New South Wales.The two Principals are Max Carrick and John Snelson ….. we will be here tomorrow.

The Company provides a full Internet service for its clients who are drawn from the business community as well as private subscribers. The service utilises the AAPT Connect.com backbone, which has a network embracing most reasonably sized towns and commmunities across Australia. When you dial a Southern Cross access phone number, you are dialling directly into the AAPT Connect.com network, which is why the system is so fast and reliable.


Where Are We ?


To see the current list of Points of Presence (PoPs) and review our tarriff for Access, click here.

You can contact us directly by email at enquiries@southernx.com.au


Southern Cross Genealogy’s mission is

“… to be the leading Australian provider of family history communication services”. Its two advisors on subject matter and technology are Max Carrick and John Snelson, both dedicated to providing quality training services and professionally produced seminars for the advancement of family history and genealogy.By the way …. we will be here tomorrow … this is not a “fly-by-night” venture.

Max and John are well known in the community for their dedication and commitment to family history and genealogy using computers and communications for research. Both are actively involved as volunteers in the Society of Australian Genealogists, the Dead Persons Society, the Guild of One-Name Studies and the Conference of Australian History. Max and John will be manning the Help Line themselves, so you will always be speaking with the subject matter experts.

If you’d like a prelisten to what the lads sound like …. then you can adjust your nerves to the sound of their voices right here … testdrive the experience …this is what John sounds like …. sort of a deep-Liverpool scouse accent overlayed with 25 years in the antipodes …why just look and laugh, when you can hear the boy himself … click here to hear John and click here to listen to Max. Talk to the real thing on Freecall 1800 882 884