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The Southern Cross Library

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The Southern Cross Library contains a wide variety of material, including databases on Convicts, 13,200 Australian Soldiers Killed in Action in World War II, Australian Shipping, Heraldry, the English Civil War, the English ships and sailors who fought the Spanish Armada, and indexes by regiment, ship or unit of 37,500 Australian Prisoners of the Japanese in World War II. These unique databases are not available elsewhere in libraries or archives in the world.

We are populating the Southern Cross Library with new databases each week through private investment in compilation and research by Southern Cross Genealogists. Our intention is to increase the amount of data in the collection, by adding at least one new database each week. Each database will be unique, as we will be investing in the compilation of ourselves. They may be listings of burials, christenings, convicts, passengers or whatever our customers wish us to invest in or research.



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Southern Cross Library

This unique collection is visible only to members. Currently it contains privately compiled material not available anywhere else, including databases on convicts passengers to Australia, coats of arms, sailors at the Spanish Armada, soldiers in the English Civil War and pictures of the ships that brought migrants to Australia. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding databases listing Australians killed in action and prisioners of WWII, plus a full list of convict ships.

That Sinking Feeling

The Southern Cross Library Collection
Database Collection Description
Eureka Stockade Those Who Were There … and some who weren’t !
History of 6 Aust Wireless Sec (HY) Names – WWII Signals Southern Command
Australian KIAs 40,000 Names – Killed in Action WWII
Illawarra Worthies Some 1800 Famous and Infamous Colourful Identities
Lincolnshire Extract of Passenger and Crew List
1749 Westminster Pollbook 9300 Voters in Westminster
Marco Polo Brought 10,000 migrants to Australia
Australian POWs 15,000 Australian POWs
Convicts Find Your Convict Names, Lists and Resources
Commodore Perry Famous Clipper
Convict Gangs 1821 100s of Convicts “Off Stores”
Convict Transports All (yes ALL) of the Ships That Brought the Convicts
1914-18 Bank NSW Roll of Honour – 800 Bank Officers
Clipper Ships Migrant Ships, Passengers to Australia
Spanish Armada Names of Ships and Sailors who Fought the Armada
Coats of Arms Hundreds of Blazons – Is Yours Here ?
Tellicherry Convicts List of Irish Migrants
Drumcree Parish Index 500 Vicars, Curates & Churchwardens from 1441
Map of Britain Counties Pre 1974 ReAlignment
Champion of the Seas The Fastest on the Seas – Liverpool Clipper
The Gallipoli Story The Story of What Actually Happened
The Tolpuddle Martyrs Story of the Tolpuddle Convicts Transported to Australia
Macclesfield Chalice Praers, Bostock, Baguley and Snelson
Dead or Alive ! Add to the List of Missing Persons !
Black Ball Line History of James Baines Famous Shipping Line
Civil War Soldiers Roundhead and Royalist Names
Old Occupations 1500 Old Trades, Crafts and Occupations
GenServ & Gedcom Get Access to 15,000,000 Searchable Names
Ships Pictures Need a Picture for Your Book ?
History Conference Join the Conference of Australian History – FREE !
White Star Names extracted from on-board newspaper

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The Guild of One-Name Studies

If you are interested in being the “custodian” of research material on a single Surname, then visit the site of the Guild. Here you can learn more about one-name studies, and see whether your particular surname has been registered. To find out more, go to the Australian site of the Guild of One-Name Studies first, and then onto the Guild itself.

Genealogy Software Upgrades

This is the right place for you because we will advise you when to change to the next versions and the benefits, dangers and procedures of so doing. We also monitor the upgrades to genealogy software packages such as Brother’s Keeper, Generations, Ultimate Family Tree,TMG and Family Tree Maker.

Conference of Australian History

The Conference of Australian History can be joined easily from here. This is an exciting forum where genealogists and historians discuss history and get answers that help them in their never ending research.

Publish Your Work

Have you indexed or created a list of information ….. say a list of passengers on a ship, a cemetery index, a set of tables for a parish ? You can have your work programmed, preserved and published here. Back up your source data and contribute to the Southern Cross Library. We will provide the programming and production and have it published and placed into the Southern Cross Library.

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SouthernX will provide the Mirabilis ICQ (“I Seek You”) program to all of its Members, so that we can chat online together about matters of mutual interest. We can promise that you will get a real kick out of chatting on-line with people you have only met previously by email. Using ICQ you can chat with 2,3,4,5 people or more, at the same time!

“Wanted – Dead or Alive !”

With the launch of SouthernX, we are commencing a special, free service for Members, whimsically entitled “Wanted – Dead or Alive !”. This will be a focused web page specialising in Lost Souls. This is the right place for your “Brick wall” and “Dead End” people. If you are a Member, please email your missing person’s name, place, date and brief notes to us at

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Available through our email help facility. Apart from our own resources we can use our contacts to help find an answer for you. Why not email us.

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