Arms of Some Old Cheshire Families

These pages on heraldry and arms are devoted to prominent Cheshire families and are being augmented and upgraded progessively. The names listed relate to the arms displayed in churches, old monuments, on church plate, in the Herald’s Visitations, on tombs, in heraldic stained glass windows, in wood carvings and in prime documents of the time.


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If the arms appear on a quartering, they do not necessarily indicate the presence of a family bearing that name in Cheshire, as the arms may have been inherited and quartered, indicating a descendant of perhaps geographically distant armigerous progenitor. In these cases, the right to quarter these arms may only have been claimed by heraldic heirs and heiresses.

I am in the process here of adding a text description of the arms achievements and then linking these to actual illustrations of the armourial bearings themselves. Tricky stuff, eh ? There are more than 600 surnames and coats of arms listed here from originally sourced historical works.

  • Names and Arms of Cheshire Knights, Soldiers and Gentlemen
  • Names and Arms of Cheshire Knights and the Mystery of the Macclesfield Chalice
  • Names of Cheshire Officers, Soldiers and Citizens at the Siege of Chester

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