Australian Prisoners of War


Australian Prisoners of the Japanese During the Malayan Campaign WWII

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Abbott to Aytoun
Bacaus to Bazzo
Beach to Blytheman
Boag to Britz
Broad to Byron
Caddies to Castles
Catchlove to Clyne
Coad to Copp
Coppin to Cutts
Dabinett to Dezius
Dial to Dyson
Eagle to Ezzy
Faahan-Smith to Flaws
Flecknoe to Fysh
Gabb to Godbolt
Goddard to Gyplin
Haase to Hartshorne
Harvey to Hobbs
Hobday tp Hyslop
I’Anson to Izzard
Jack to Juttner
Kacergis to Kyte
La Bruniy to Leone
Lergessner to Lytton
Maben to Marsden
Marsh to McCrum
McCubbin to McLeod
McLerie to Monk
Monley to Myors
Nagleberg to Nylman
Oag to Oxley
Pacey tp Perry-Circuitt
Pertzel to Pyne
Quailey to Quong
Raabe to Robbins
Roberson to Rymer
Sabin to Shackel
Shackleton to Smilie
Smith to Sproull
Spurling to Symons
Taaffe to Thomsett
Thomson to Tyson
Uhr to Usher
Vafiopulous to Voysey
Wachner to Webb
Webber to Willett
Williams to Zimmerman
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