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Publishing Your Family Coat of Arms on the World Wide Web of Blazons

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This project has been conceived, designed and developed by The Antiquodes Knowledge Works, a company owned by John Snelson. The objective is to build a WWW resource of blazons that can be searched and retrieved by enthusiastic amateur historians worldwide. Nobody can predict what the future might do with its past .. but at least, well … we have tried to preserve our heritage.

If you have an image of your coat of arms AND you use Southern Cross as your ISP, then we can paint and publish your coat of arms … alternatively, you can add a coat of arms as an attachment to an email, and send it to us. This must be in a standard format; we can accept images in colour or black and white, in any recognised format including GIF, JPG, PCX, and BMP. Below, we have some fine examples of what we at Southern Cross genealogy can achieve with just a basic GEDCOM file and a picture ………

  • Diana – Queen of Hearts
  • The Kennedy Blazon
  • The Lincoln Forebears Project

We at The Antiquodes Knowledge Works have painted nearly all the arms on the WWW page with special software tools.

Go to our Arms Archive and see some more examples. Your name may already be there !

The Antiquodes Knowledge Works reserves the right to reproduce or dispose of any or all material submitted without reference to its source or any other person. No liability can or will be accepted for the integrity of the data submitted or published. You should also be aware that finding a coat of arms attributed to a particular family name does not entitle you to bear the arms, unless you can prove decendancy from an armigerous heir.

This information is © Copyright 1998 Southern Cross Connect Pty Limited, and may not be reproduced in any form, downloaded, copied or manipulated without express authorisation in writing.

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