WW II Killed in Action

Here you can find listed the names of the Australian Men and Women who died in action or who were lost in the service of their country, between September 3 1939 and June 30 1947. The list includes the names of those lost on active service with the forces of other countries. The information shows surname and initials, plus an indication of the unit, regiment, ship, squadron or allied service in which they were serving when they met their untimely end.


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Aarons to Aytoun
Baartz to Bezverkoff
Bibbs to Bozen
Braben to Bywaters
Caban to Cetkovich
Chadwick to Conroy
Considine to Cutts
Dacey to Dhu
Dial to Dyte
Ead to Ezzy
Faber to Fyffe
Gable to Gomme
Good to Gyton
Haag to Harvey
Harwood to Hixon
Hoad to Hynes
Ianna to Izzard
Jabour to Justice
Kable to Kyte
Laarck to Lelvitt
Lemaire to Lytton
Maaruff to McCardle
McCarroll to McWilliams
Mead to Montieth
Moodie to Myors
Na’awi to Nystrom
Oakes to Oxton
Pace to Percy
Pereira to Pywell
Quade-Wright to Quittenden
Rabbish to Riis
Rylie to Ryrie
Sachs to Sheriff
Sherlock to Spendlove
Spensley to Synnott
Taaffe to Thonder
Thorbjornsen to Tytherleigh
Udell to Vrangles
Wachner to Whimpey
Whinchup to Wyvill
Yabsley to Zwoerner

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