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How Fast Will My Connection Be ?

SouthernX is proud to be powered by Connect.com …. Australia’s fastest Internet backbone, according to the March 1998 edition of the independent and well respected Internet.au magazine. SouthernX is arguably the only genuine ISP for historians and genealogists with access directly into the Internet and global communication backbones. We go through no other gateways. We aim to provide a fast and reliable service that represents value for money for our customers. SouthernX prides itself on the speed of access provided, and the extremely high system reliability we achieve by running a congestion free network. This is genuine Internet access with no intermediate networks, and no processing through legacy gateways.

Tell Me About the Core Network – How Fast is That ?

The core network is powered by dedicated 100 megabyte per second (Mbps) FDDI links out of both Sydney and Melbourne to Telstra Internet Services international connections along with a 4Mbps link out of Perth. Forty-five (45) Mbps HSSI connections to the Cisco 7500 routers in capital cities provide a fast, reliable interface to AAPTTelecommunication’s national Frame Relay network.

What Equipment Is Used ?

Cisco 7500/7200 border routers are used for external domestic and international traffic. This reduces the load from the core routers allowing their resources to be channelled to dedicated tasks while improving performance and reliability. The systems run Squid and act as sibling caches, connected by 100 megabyte ethernet to core routers, one step (via 100 megabyte ethernet) from border routers and external links.

How do I get Connected

To get connected, follow the instructions a by clicking on How to Get Connected. We can assist with matters relating to your connection on our Freecall number 1800 882 884.

Copyright and Ownership ?

The content found here has been built and provided by SouthernX at the expense and investment cost of its owners and founders, so please respect our rights, just as we respect yours. Whereas Members are permitted in good faith to make extracts from the material provided for their own research and private use, they are NOT permitted to download files or data in bulk or original material for copying or publication elsewhere in any other medium for profit or gain. Offenders will be pursued in local courts according to the Laws of New South Wales, International Law or local legislation, whichever is appropriate.

Can I Get Unlimited Access ?

SouthernX does not provide unlimited access …. well, that’s not quite true; yes, you can stay connected, we will not kick you off ! However, it probably isn’t an economic thing for you to do. By keeping our high usage tariff geared at 55 hours per month, any extra hours at the premium rate can become quite expensive. No commercially astute supplier can really provide unlimited access at cheap rates without compromising quality, as it would mean providing one modem and one dedicated line per subscriber to guarantee access. So, no matter what you may read, this is not a commercial proposition – you know that there will always be a catch. This is the right place if you are looking for a quality site. We provide an honest level of access that is second to none, at 8 customers per modem (8:1). Always read the small print !

If you feel that you need more than 55 hours per month, then that is fine too … just give us a call on 1800 882 884 and we will together derive a special scheme just for you at the best rates you will find anywhere.

Security – Ours and Yours

Please help us to keep this site secure, free from amming, pornography, junk mail, hacking and theft, by following our simple security procedures and protecting your passwords. Please be aware that our technology enables us to track the addresses of those on line at any time, and to record source email addresses, domain name servers and proxies, so we will know of security breaches as they are attempted and occur.

Your identity is safe with us. We will not sell, dispose of or in any way make available to any other party your name, location, email address, phone number nor any other information about you. When you voluntarily cease to be a Member here, we will destroy all our records about you. You need to give us 30 days notice of your intention to cease to renew your membership.

This information is © Copyright 1998 Southern Cross Connect Pty Limited, and may not be reproduced in any form, downloaded, copied or manipulated without express authorisation in writing.

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