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July/August 1999


The NSW Registry is still providing its wonderful free index search so keep at it folks, it won’t be there for
I know some of our subscribers have been having great success with the indexes as have we, but remember that this
index, like most, is subject to typos when the data was entered.
For instance, if you are searching for Hubbard, also check Hubberd and Hubard and so on.

I looked in vain for William Hubbard and eventually found him both as:

* Willaim Hubbard
* William Hubberd

Go to

We have come across an interesting site which continues the great tradition of genealogists all around the world
sharing information…

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

As many of us end up with ship’s passengers lists in the course of our own research, this site allows you to contribute
your list and share that information with many others. You might also find someone….

Go to

Cora Num’s Genealogy Web site

Cora Num is a well-known author from the ACT whose numerous genealogy books have been well received all over Australia.
Cora produced one of the first books containing useful web sites for Australian genealogists and its now in the
third edition. Also highly regarded is her book on shipping and immigration records in Australia, now in the fourth

Have a look at Cora’s great web site for more information:

As members of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsmans scheme, we receive information on all sorts of matters
relating to the industry.
Did you know for instance that telephone calls to “190” numbers can result in you receiving a bill from a ‘phone
company you’ve possibly never heard of?
These numbers are usually in the form of 190x xxx xxx and are pay for service calls. It is quite legal for you
to be billed separately for these calls and the costs will not appear on your familiar telephone account.

More information at TIO

Construction Zone

Free Web Space for Southern Cross ISP subscribers.

Have a look at the homepages created by some of our subscribers:

David Guillaume

Paulette Parkes

John Scarborough

And, ahem… Max Carrick not as good as the others, but hey! I’m
busy and it’s the middle of the rugby season…

You too can create a web page, just by using MS Word 97 or any of the HTML editors and pagemakers around. We will
be happy to offer you help. Remember, this will put your genealogy interests before a worldwide audience of millions
of people….that elusive cousin is out there somewhere!

Being a bit slower than others, I have only recently found out the difference between graveyards and cemeteries.
It seems graveyards are part of a church and most often, part of the church grounds. Cemeteries on the other hand,
provide burial places not connected with or even near to, churches.
Simple when you know, eh? Ok, so its obvious…..

How to avoid cutoffs from your connection with us.

By this, I don’t mean you are not paying your bills <g>, but rather, how to avoid the automatic cutoff
from our system when it detects inactivity.
If the system detects no keyboard or mouse activity for about 15-20 minutes while you are connected, it may sever
the connection. This is a standard protocol in the industry .
Just set your browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) to “get mail” every 10 minutes and to remember your mail
logon password and you are set.