Personal Web Page

As a SOUTHERN CROSS CONNECT user, you can create your own personal web page on the Internet. You may create a page on any topic you wish and edit it whenever and as often as you wish. There are some simple rules:

  • Only I.S.P. subscribers of SOUTHERN CROSS CONNECT are eligible for free web space.
  • Your web page(s) must not be used for profit or commercial purposes.
  • Your web page(s) must not be used to host pornographic material of any sort or any material over which you do not have copyright.
  • SOUTHERN CROSS CONNECT User home pages are not intended to service high levels of traffic. If your site produces in excess of 50Mb outbound traffic per month we may ask you to reduce or remove it.

Example uses might be for your Family History/Connect page, a family home page, a page about your hobby, or your special interests

If you know of a SOUTHERN CROSS CONNECT user who has a home page here you can find their page by typing the following:

followed by a


(it’s called a tilde) and then their SOUTHERN CROSS CONNECT username (as in, So the whole address looks like:

If you’re a SOUTHERN CROSS CONNECT user, and you’d like to create your own home page, please see our tutorial “Make Your Web Site”.